In the present competitive market, where every rupee saved is a rupee earned, purchasing equipment left right and center can not only off set the balance sheet, but also eat into the rightfully allotted budget for customer service, HR management, and other important aspects of running a business.

Moreover, most equipment have a high depreciation value and a low equity in the commercial context. In simple words, the state of art capital investment that you make today may soon get outdated and may not fetch much moolah on resale. Add to this the interest rates that you may end up paying on equipments bought on loans, these goods can be the perfect tools of stalling the progress of a company especially if it is a start up.

Hence, renting out equipment makes perfect economic sense and has several advantages over purchasing them outright. Equipment rentals have gained a huge fan base in the recent years. Several big and small companies prefer to use equipments on rent rather than making a large outright investment.

While the market for equipment rentals is huge only a few genuine service providers are available in India. 360 equipments is one of the pioneers in this market who have a well established online portal to increase the accessibility of our products. We provide a wide range of equipments on rent including earth moving, mechanical and hydraulic, concreting, engineering, and other machines. Each of our product is well serviced and kept in the shipshape. Stringent and regular inspections, state of art professional servicing, and friendly customer care ensures that you will get the best product anywhere in India.

We offer an unparalleled range of equipment for construction, concreting, and earth moving. Customers have routinely told us how glad they are that all this equipment is available under one roof, and they do not have to go to different vendors for different machinery that they wish to buy and use.