3D BIM Modeling at Pre Construction Stage: How BIM Companies in India Look At It

Your vision can never become reality if you’re not sure of the processes involved! The saying fits the best in the field of construction and engineering. A fine-looking and strongly built building erected sky-high is a visualisation of an aspiring mind while the complex and often hectic procedures and hard work done is the investment of a practical mind. The combination of both, that is, 3D BIM Modeling is one of the important means to achieve success in construction industry.What would this 3D model do? It helps create a virtual-like environment, one that would represent the construction and would be used as a resource or reference in the upcoming stages of the construction.

According to the experts from various BIM companies in India, 3D BIM Modeling gives you the detailed insights and a brief idea of what tools are must-haves for efficient planning, designing, and construction procedures. Not only it acts as a blueprint of the building, 3D model establishes the communication amongst all involved in the planning and working of the pre-construction stage. These would include the subcontractors, designers, owners and several others.

On scouring Internet, we found following most-talked about benefits of 3D modeling:

  1. Spatial and planning coordination
  2. Efficient modelling and energy analysis
  3. BIM could also assist and improve predictability of construction.
  4. Expect to cut down on errors drastically
  5. BIM could also help with an average or estimated cost savings of the project.
  6. Performance of the construction could be predicted.
  7. Assists with phasing and visual scheduling
  8. Helps with a strategic visual representation of the construction
  9. The model would also be able to tell you of the possible changes that could stem out from design before its construction.

The 3D model is a good direction to have especially when it comes to pre-construction stage of a big project. Imagine working on a construction without a vision or a model to rely over- you certainly don’t want to risk it. Therefore, investing your time and resources in 3D modeling with any of the authorized and reliable BIM companies in India would be a good choice.