Lifting equipments eliminate the hazards in workplace

If you have a factory or industrial unit, then you should be aware that the safety of the employees is an important concern. It is the liability of the employer to take proper measures to check the safety of the employees. Whether the work involves transferring heavy objects from one place to the other, or lifting heavy objects, there is always an element of danger. There can be an accident while shifting heavy material or lifting heavy objects. Lifting equipments solve this problem, by ensuring the safety of the employees. Today, there are a number of lifting equipments available in the market that ensures the safety of the work environment.

Lifting operations can be considered as the activities that involve a great risk and need careful planning. Any mishap with the lifting equipment will lead to accidents in the workplace. The accidents that take place in the work place are the result of unsafe and improper lifting operations. The importance of these equipments in ensuring the safety of the employees cannot be ignored. The installation of lifting equipments in industries is mandatory for the safety of workers at the work place. The most common lifting equipments used in different work places include – pallet trucks, cranes, pulling machines, chain slings etc. All these lifting equipments minimize the manual work. If we have a look at different types of lifting equipments, we will find that the usage and purpose of these equipments vary from each other.

  • Cranes are the most popular lifting devices and are used for shifting heavy objects from one place to the other. The cranes are functioned by simple mechanism of fulcrum, lever and pulley. The cranes operate on the principle of energy conservation.
  • Shackles are also used widely in lifting heavy objects or devices. It is U-shaped equipment that lifts the object, which is secured with a bolt or pin. Shackles are used along with cranes or other equipments for rigging operations.
  • Forklift truck is important lifting equipment that is used in industries. The capacity of these trucks varies from one to six tons. They can be used to carry heavy load of up to 5 tons from one place to the other in the industrial area. However, the use of forklift trucks is sometimes risky. Hence, it should be used with adequate safety devices.

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