Besides being a great way to access items that may be unfeasible to buy, renting an item provides a number of other benefits these days – servicing and customer support, flexible payments and a short contract term.

We are 360 Equipments – one of the largest rental services of construction equipments in India and we are dedicated to our serving customers well. We lease parts and services for equipment and heavy engines and earth moving equipments to our clients in construction, and other industries that make use of heavy equipments. Our extensive fleet of rental equipment includes general construction equipment, earth moving equipments, concerting equipments, lifting equipments, piling rigs and more. Our support infrastructure and capabilities have made us an unmatched industry leader in helping customers optimize their profits through a reduction in their equipment costs.

The services we offer to our clients are highly reliable. Our fleet of construction equipment can be rented for several purposes. The fleet is extremely well looked after and kept in excellent working condition. We also conduct regular inspections on the equipment fleet. Our services are available to customers in all parts of the country. Our employees consist of experienced and highly skilled professionals who have helped us divert our services to multiple industries. The results have been spectacular and we have achieved great respectability in the construction equipment rental market.

You will find that the equipment we offer is of the highest standard possible, and we never compromise on the safety of our customers. We know that machines can be dangerous, which is why we check them periodically so that when you purchase them, you can rest assured that you are buying the best equipment possible.

Our commitment towards occupational health and safety is exemplified in many ways across our operations. By ensuring the highest standards, we are actively supporting and contributing to our communities, which is why an overwhelming number of customers turn to 360 Equipments for their equipment rental needs.

Get in touch with us today and tell us what your requirements are. Our experts will come up with the best and most cost effective solution that will not only maximize your profit but also ensure that the work requirement is handled with the highest quality standards.