Concreting Equipments

No structure can be prepared without concreting. Concrete is equivalent to the skeletal frame of a person. Ready mix concrete is needed in all types of projects. We supply the following equipments for concreting:

  • Transit Mixer 1Mixers- Rotary mixers and transit mixers are supplied to our clients. Rotary mixers work in stationery mode and are used for
    full-depth reclamation or soil stabilisation. Asphalt mixers are used to pulverise the asphalt layer and mix it with the base, while
    adding binding agents to strengthen the road. This type of equipment is used in road maintenance projects or for preparing the soil for further engineering. Then there are cement mixers that are used in construction projects. Twin shaft mixers, vertical axis mixers and drum mixers are all supplied by us.
  • Concrete Strength Testing Laboratory Equipmentsthese equipments are required to ensure that the quality of concrete that you use is perfect.
  • Dumpers- though these machines are used to do less technical task, ensuring that you have good quality dumpers is necessary to avoid accidents on construction sites.

In this category, we also supply road laying and pipeline laying equipments. Inter-city or inter-state pipelines have to be laid for carrying water and fuel. Ensuring that the pipes can bear high pressure is important. Here are the equipments that you can take on rent for laying roads and pipelines:

  • batching plantAsphalt Concrete Plant
  • Paver
  • Roller
  • Pneumatic Rollers
  • Road Boring Machines
  • Side Booms
  • Autoclave

Many customers have purchased equipment from us for laying roads, and we are proud to say that they have come back with good reviews. They have told us how effectively and flawlessly the equipment has worked and how they will recommend our services to anybody they know in the business.