Understanding the types of Concrete Construction Equipment

Construction companies rely on construction equipment to do their job efficiently. With the help of construction equipment construction company completes quality work in less time. They are able to cut labor cost and increase the revenue of the business. Here we will discuss some of the commonly used construction equipment.

Concrete Batching Plant

A concrete plant is a very useful and important investment made by a construction company. With the help of this plant, the construction company can produce a large volume of concrete off site. Large quantities of concrete, water, gravel, and sand are mixed to form concrete, which is then transported to the construction site. Concrete batching plants come in different capacities: 20 cum/hr, 30 cum/hr, 45 cum/hr, 60 cum/hr, 90 cum/hr and 120 cum/hr. Batching comes in two variants: the stationary heavy production units and the mobile batching plants, which are both used for transportation and production of concrete from one construction site to the next.

Concrete Mixer

These are used to thoroughly mix cement, water, sand, and gravel to form the concrete mixture at the construction site. This equipment also helps in the quick transport of ready-to-pour, large pour volumes of the concrete mixture at the required site. Concrete mixtures come in different forms such as the self-loading concrete transit mixers, transit mixers, hand fed types of concrete mixer, and more.

Concrete Pumps

These are essential in transferring liquid concrete at the site of construction. Liquid concrete is pumped out and poured at the construction site. Concrete pumps require less labor and help to pour concrete more accurately and quickly. Concrete pumps make it possible to allocate fewer people at the construction site. These pumps come in two different varieties: trailer mounted or truck mounted. Both the variants of concrete pump work equally well in construction areas that cannot be easily accessed without a pump. Concrete pumps help in the faster placing of concrete.

Shotcrete Machine

At the construction site, shotcrete machines are effective in spraying concrete at the construction sites. Shotcrete machines have a compact design which makes them ideal for easy transportation and storage. They are commonly used for dry and wet concrete spraying applications. Shotcrete machines are used in the backfilling of tunnel construction, mines, swimming pool and lining of water tanks.

Different concrete construction equipment is super beneficial to carry out the construction tasks effortlessly. Hence a construction company should have a repository of the best the quality of construction equipment.