Dumpers – Simple vehicles that carry heavy loads

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When one is walking past a construction site the eyes witness an interesting diversity of heavy equipment. On the site one can find loaders, excavators, machines for lifting heavy items and other kinds of earth moving equipment. One of the most essential pieces of heavy machinery used on these sites is the dumper. And owning and maintaining a dumper is much easier than doing a research, writing a thesis, starting a software start-up and can be owned with 80% value financed. The dumper is not...

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Invest your money wisely

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What is more economical, renting out or making a purchase? 360 Equipments are one of the little equipment service providers committed to renting out its modern equipments in reasonable prices. Now get on rent the advanced and modern piling rigs, concrete and lifting equipments and Earth Moving equipments in crouched prices far better than making a huge investment for something that gets old fashioned promptly. Equipment rentals have overshadowed the purchasing giving a way to bring its...

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Uses Of Mechanization in Building Construction

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The use of equipments in construction is inevitable nowadays and the necessity to mechanize most of the tasks related to construction, is mounting. Mechanization is effective since it produces uniform results even when a large amount of work is involved. Also, the replacement of manpower with machinery yields much higher output within a short span of time. As for bigger projects, deploying heavy construction equipments brings down the cost significantly. Large scale operation is possible with...

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