Earth Moving Equipments

Earth moving equipment is one of the most important heavy machinery that is used in construction businesses. The basic function of these machines is to remove sand, wood, rocks, demolition debris and other unwanted elements from the site of construction and dump it onto some other machinery, which them carries it off. These equipments have wheels or tracks on which they move.

Heavy Wheel LoadersHeavy wheel loadersthe range of loaders that we supply is wide and includes L&T Komatsu PC 200-6, Kawasaki 95ZV-2, John Deere 844K, Volvo L120E, Case 921E and Caterpillar 950H. Compact track loaders and multi terrain loaders are the two main types of loaders that we work with.  The power range that these machines use extends from 42 kW to 61 kW. The type of machine you choose depends upon the area in which you are working.

Hydraulic Excavator


Hydraulic Excavatorsexcavators are also called diggers or shovels. These machines are used for digging trenches and foundations, demolitions, landscaping, and mining projects. Excavators can come in four sizes- mini, small, medium and large.


compactorsCompactors- the compacting machinery are chosen with care, so that they meet the specifications for paving and landfill projects. Landfill compactors and vibratory compactors are the two types of compactors that we supply on rent. The compactors that we provide are ergonomically designed to give comfort to the drivers and safety to people working around the machine.

One of the things that impress customers about our equipment is that the sheer variety of brand names that we offer is second to none in the industry. No matter what brand name they have a fancy for, they find that it is available with us, and they can buy it at an available price.

We also have a range of bulldozers and backhoe machinery. Let us know the equipments you need and we will deliver them on the site.