Dumpers – Simple vehicles that carry heavy loads

When one is walking past a construction site the eyes witness an interesting diversity of heavy equipment. On the site one can find loaders, excavators, machines for lifting heavy items and other kinds of earth moving equipment. One of the most essential pieces of heavy machinery used on these sites is the dumper. And owning and maintaining a dumper is much easier than doing a research, writing a thesis, starting a software start-up and can be owned with 80% value financed.

The dumper is not to be confused with the dump truck. They are different. It is the configuration that separates one from the other. The dumper is an open vehicle with four wheels to move it around. The driver sits behind the load skip. On the other hand, the dump truck can easily be identified by the cab that is built in front of the load.

When one looks at the configuration of the dumper, they can instantly understand why the vehicle has been named such. The skip tips over to dump the load. These machines usually run on diesel. There are situations where normal wheels cannot ride smoothly on the terrain. In such cases, it is perfectly feasible to attach rubber wheels to the dumper and move it around. The earliest versions of these vehicles were quite simple and did not take a lot of training to operate. Of course, as time went by, technology caught up with the dumper and the machines become more complex. The earliest versions could not carry a lot of payload. However, modern day vehicles can take plenty of concrete, gravel or other things using multi-cylinder engines and expensive electronics.

Bad quality dumpers have been known to cause many accidents on construction sites. That is why sellers and experts in the construction industry always stress on the need for buyers to not only buy high quality equipment, but also to make sure that the vehicle stays in good shape.