Large construction equipments like cranes, JCBs, concrete mixer and tunnel boring machines are a common sight nowadays as today’s cities always undergo expansion, reconstruction and modernization. Building materials and tools are carried from one place to another and construction projects are highly dependent on heavy machinery built with the latest technology. Such machinery can be bought, sold or rented from various firms. One such firm operates where any number of heavy equipments can be ordered for- buying or renting, at nominal price ranges.

When opting for equipment, a lot of factors need to be considered before finalizing on particular machinery. Though technical details are vital, equal importance needs to be provided on the security features too. Since there is very high possibility of accidents at construction sites, it is important to ensure the machinery is in good condition to prevent mishaps. Basic security checks involving proper functioning of gears, shafts, pulleys, flywheels, chains or other rotating parts is a mandate. Pipes, gears and other hot devices should be checked for insulation so that it minimizes heat radiation. The exhaust vents and tubes need to be properly placed so that nothing blocks the view of the operator of the equipment.

Another facet that requires attention is the transportation of heavy vehicles. Accidents caused while transportation of such equipments, is alarmingly on the rise. For this, it is important to check if the vehicles signals, gears and other parts are in good condition. The operator needs to be provided with adequate protection from falling cables, flying objects, sand or gravel and other carrying objects. If transportation is going to be a long journey, the vehicle needs to be prepared thoroughly. If the machinery is to be transported through rail or any other mode, safety measures should be adopted accordingly.

If the device is customized, the user should ensure if all the attachments, extensions or replacements are in place. This ensures the differences or clarifications to be sorted out at the initial stages. Regarding safety, it is crucial to check if the precautionary measures are adhered to. Fire extinguishers need to be installed wherever necessary and should be in good working condition. Ensuring if the equipments are employees are provided with First aid kits, head gears, safety gloves and jackets results in a safe working environment. It is much useful to have a basic knowledge about the workings of the machinery as it helps in establishing a clear picture of the job progress.