Safety Measures to Be Taken While Using Heavy Equipments

Heavy equipments like cranes, loaders, Dozers, rollers and mixers are generally used on construction sites in lifting, rolling, concreting and mixing the construction materials. Thus, to carry out these tedious tasks one has to be well aware about know-how of the machines.

“Precaution is better than cure” and “Safety is better than recklessness” both these axioms are true when we have to deal with heavy machineries. A good knowledge of machineries and an alert mind can prevent a massive loss through mishaps.

Training Session – After renting or buying the machinery first and foremost undertaking should be to get a rigorous training session. An operator helps in accomplishing this training session. The entire training session takes place in the presence of an operator and includes manifestation by him, practice by the trainee and its assessment by the operator. Such training session should preferably be done on the same construction site where machinery has to be further used.

Other susceptible measures “Do’s” –

  • Be confident that machinery is well fitted and is working properly before taking it into the exact working area. Machinery showing danger sign or any negative mark should immediately be examined by experts.
  • Use appropriate machinery for the approved job and keep an eye on the capacity of the machinery for doing the same job.
  • Go through all the instructions carefully as mentioned by the manufacturing company and also instructed by your operator.
  • Safety guards like helmets, hand gloves, light sensitive eye glasses and pressure resistive chest covers should be worn while operating heavy equipments.
  • Carefully turn-off all the keys and switches after the use of machinery.

“Don’t” –

  • Never start the machinery without examining it.
  • You should not remove any of the safety guards while using the machinery.

By practicing aforesaid measures you can accomplish your task easily and safely.