The impact of construction industry to the overall economy

Construction industry is making an imperative contribution to the competitiveness and riches of the economy in India. A contemporary, competent infrastructure is considered as a key driver of productivity. The construction industry is playing a significant role in delivering the built infrastructure in an innovative and cost effective way.

The impact of construction industry to the overall economy

Firms throughout the economy are reliant on the recital of built infrastructure consisting of roads, rail, telecoms, and power stations. Therefore, the network remains ready for action, and in-house investors are considering the excellence of the built infrastructure as one of the key factors while considering location decisions.

The productivity of our country India also depends on the competence and nature of the build environment. The mobility, flexibility, and effectiveness of the workforce and the output of firms depend on the availability of appropriately configured/located houses and premises.

The blueprint, structure and operation of our built environment have other significant economic effects, say for example: on the rate at which, we use resources. Buildings are responsible for more or less; half of the country’s carbon emissions, half of our water utilization. It is estimated that about one third of our landfill waste and one quarter of all raw materials used in the economy.

If you are doing a research in construction related subject field, you must know as to how important it has become for the growth of the overall economy. Construction is playing an essential role in our drive to endorse sustainable growth and development having its impact on the built environment.  This is the reason why it is important that we invest in the right people with the right and appropriate skills. This will make sure that this sector continues to optimistically affect the way we all live our lives day-to-day.

There are operations which can also play considerable role in the successful delivery of a construction project. One of these is logistics.  It is sometimes considered a backroom function, but cannot be overlooked in terms of its contribution to the broad ‘upgrading’ and sustainability agenda.